Vinyl Laminating Adhesive Solutions

Vinyl Laminating AdhesiveLaminating vinyl directly to metal is a common application in many industries to produce a wide variety of products. Vinyl laminated products are found in a wide range of industries including:

  • Building construction products – interior and exterior doors, garage doors and various composites that utilize decorative vinyl films.
  • Roofing industry – vinyl laminated products are common in the roofing industry and provide compliance with regulatory requirements such as wind lift and other standards.
  • Recreational vehicle industry – vinyl laminate composites are common in the RV industry to provide long-lasting performance with cost-efficient production.

One thing all of these industries have in common is the need for a quality vinyl laminating adhesive. The right adhesive will provide a high-quality product whereas choosing the wrong adhesive could lead to product failure and tarnish a good company’s name. 

High-Quality Vinyl Laminating Adhesive

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, offers vinyl laminating adhesive solutions with our proven uniBOND industrial adhesive product line including uniBOND L VINYL laminate adhesive. uniBOND L VINYL is available in single stage or two-stage curing formulations for added value with coil coating laminating vinyl applications. uniBOND L VINYL has been proven to improve many products and processes with high-quality application and reliable adhesion for cost-efficient solutions.

With a wider cure latitude, manufacturers can enjoy quality performance for a variety of vinyl laminating applications and easy post-forming of products with uniform coverage. UNICHEM offers custom engineered solutions with the capability to modify bonding temperatures to meet your exact needs and for quality bonding with lower temperature bonding requirements. 

Our uniBOND L VINYL laminate adhesive delivers high functional performance with durable adhesion of vinyl laminates to a variety of metal substrates including:

  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Various polymers and plastics

Laminating vinyl to metal on a coil coating line requires high-performance adhesives that maintain the right chemistry for consistent application manufacturers can rely on. Consistent repeatability is the key to quality products and processes, which is why uniBOND industrial adhesives outlast and outperform comparable products with application performance you can rely on.

Custom Vinyl Laminating Solutions

UNICHEM offers a team of experienced, high-tech engineers with expertise in adhesive technology in polymer chemistry.  We also provide industry best practices based on decades of experience and technical capability to evaluate and troubleshoot any process failures and provide a reliable solution. We differ from other coating and adhesive suppliers in our ability and intellectual aptitude to address your biggest challenges and exceed your expectations.

UNICHEM is a leading supplier of laminating adhesive solutions with uniBOND industrial adhesives proven to deliver consistent, high-quality performance. We focus on improving your products and processes with cost-efficient adhesive application solutions. Contact us to learn more about uniBOND and how to improve your vinyl laminating adhesive application.