Innovative Adhesives For Lamination Of Building Textiles

Adhesives For Lamination in construction

Construction Adhesives of the future for lamination and coating of technical fabrics in the construction industry must provide a range of properties for functional performance.

Lamination Of Construction Materials

In construction technology, building textiles must provide functions such as mechanical stress absorption, barriers to vapor, and tight seals. Secure compound textiles with suitable industrial adhesives provide critical physical structural properties.

It is of growing importance in the construction industry to provide comfortable living with high energy efficiency. In this context, construction textiles can serve crucial functions such as roofing liners that protect the roof from external effects, serve as a water-repellent covering, and aid in the ventilation of the roof trusses and vapor barriers that are critical to meeting the requirements of the blower door test, which measures the airtightness of buildings.

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UNICHEM offers innovative bonding solutions for a variety of applications, including special adhesives for lamination bonding for metal, lamination bonding for rubber, vinyl laminate adhesives, TPO roofing adhesives, polyethylene, and polypropylene adhesives, and more. The uniBOND industrial adhesive product line provides adhesives that deliver extremely high cohesion for textiles that are difficult to bond.

Roofing Liners and Vapor Barriers

UNICHEM is the ideal partner wherever adhesives are utilized in the production of building textiles. We provide our customers with a selection of innovative industrial adhesive formulations with uniBOND, the industrial adhesive product line that meets the requirements for technical textiles in the construction sector.

A prominent application of adhesives in the construction industry is the production of roofing liners. The majority of these technological textiles consist of a laminated, multi-layer mixture of various materials. Depending on the roofing installation conditions, either a structure with greater vapor permeability or a vapor barrier may be selected.

The bonded material must hold up to mechanical stress, for example, be impervious to perforation caused by external factors, and provide excellent durability when exposed to UV radiation. In reality, polyolefin-based (PO) adhesives are shown to be the most suitable for laminating polypropylene (PP) foils and fleeces. Polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives are often the choice for superior compound strength and mechanical stress resilience. For fleece-based composites with a more porous textile structure, such as protective coatings for paint, pressure-sensitive hot melts are a well-established option.

The adhesive experts at UNICHEM can determine the best type of industrial adhesive for your application.

Supplier of Industrial Adhesives for Any Industry

UNICHEM is an industry-leading producer of industrial adhesives, offering a variety of patented industrial adhesives and customized lamination bonding product lines. Our industrial laminating adhesives can be formulated to be regulatory compliant with ultra-low Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) formulations that comply with the most stringent EPA standards.

All of our products are subjected to rigorous testing in accordance with ASTM standards and/or customer specifications and needs. Our adhesives are utilized in numerous sectors and applications, including:

  • Commercial and Passenger Vehicle
  • Recreational automobile
  • Industrial roofing
  • Insulation Equipment
  • Garage and entry doors
  • Countless others

Within our high-tech laboratories and research facilities, UNICHEM collaborates with you to produce customized, real-world adhesive solutions that meet your most demanding product requirements.

The UNICHEM team is comprised of top-tier engineers and chemists who provide cutting-edge, new technology to create high-performance adhesive solutions. Contact us to learn how we can help you bring the next generation of innovation to your coating or adhesive application requirements.