Industrial Adhesive Supplier Keeps up with Evolving Trends

.The global market for industrial adhesives was valued at approximately $47.6 billion in 2018 with a projected compound annual growth rate, CAGR, of 5.9% reaching 71.32 billion by 2025, according to a market analysis report by Grand View Research.  Industrial adhesive suppliers must evolve with market demands including environmental, performance and cost considerations.  UNICHEM meets these demands as an industry leading global supplier of industrial adhesives for a wide range of applications and industries. 

Industrial Adhesives Must Advance with Technology

Driving factors for the projected market increase of industrial adhesives include continued stringent environmental regulations resulting in the use of more water-based adhesives over solvent based products in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.  Industrial adhesives require excellent adhesion, or surface bonding, performance with durable cohesion, or internal strength. Many industries demand continual improvement with surface bonding applications to meet modern manufacturing challenges and demands from advances in technology.

Industries Driving Increased Demand and Performance

 Automobile and Aerospace

Some factors which are contributing to an increased market demand for industrial adhesives includes a growing automobile sector, especially in developing economies along with a rising demand for smarter, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Industrial adhesives can be used in place of rivets and welding in automobile manufacturing processes as lighter weight alternatives.  Reducing the weight of a vehicle by 10%, or more, directly reduces the fuel consumption by 5 to 7 %. Environmental concerns and rising fuel costs are expected to drive market growth.  The aerospace industry is another driving factor for an increased use of high-performance industrial adhesives.


There is also an increasing demand for innovative building materials in the construction industry including adhesives for structural metal bonding, interior and exterior trim, structural fiber-reinforced plastic bonding and glass bonding. The building and construction industry is expected to be the fastest-growing end-user segment with industrial adhesive suppliers meeting the demands for plaster, false ceiling, tiles and furniture used in the construction industry.

Furniture and Packaging Adhesives

The furniture industry is expected to experience continued growth with many requirements for flexible and reliable industrial uses that provide everything from waterproofing to antimicrobial properties.

Flexible and reliable industrial adhesives offer product and process improvements to these industries and many others by replacing conventional materials such as metal fasteners.  Industrial adhesives offer properties such as lighter weight, solvent free, less vibration, high productivity, reduced waste, and lower costs.  Industrial adhesives are increasingly replacing materials and products such as roof panels, doors, windows, and automobile components such as dashboards.

Innovative Custom Industrial Adhesives Supplier

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been an industry leader in providing high-quality industrial adhesives for more than 50 years. We are experienced in meeting evolving market demands with continual research and development of custom chemistries.  Our multiple production facilities follow the same quality assurance standards including our proprietary quality assurance protocols.

UNICHEM offers experienced teams with market and technology specializations and the dedication to understanding your expectations. Our intellectual prowess to your vision redefines the possibilities in your market. Contact us to learn how UNICHEM partners with you to solve your challenges with industrial adhesives that meet your changing market demands.