The Challenges of Bonding Decorative Foils

Application to large flat substrates is common in many industries such as manufacturing doors, cabinets and furniture. Decorative foils can be a paper-based overlay which can be pre-impregnated with a blend of acrylic, melamine and adhesive resins. The impregnated decorative foils are then bonded to the substrate with an adhesive system.

The type of adhesive and delivery method will have the biggest direct impact on the finished product. This will be evident when machining or cutting the product. Most decorative foils are applied with a finished topcoat for increased scratch resistance and durability. With advancements in surface substrates and quality, adhesives delivering longer-lasting durable performance, the use of decorative foils is increasing. 

Many manufacturers benefit from outsourcing lamination bonding to coil coating companies. Coil coating as the application method for bonding decorative foils provides a complete coating system to deliver both a protective layer and a decorative finish.  Even for experienced coil coaters, challenges may arise depending on the type of substrate and decorative foil used for bonding as well as the chemistry of the adhesive and curing temperature required. Precise control of the process is mandatory for consistent results.


Custom Adhesive Solutions for Lamination Bonding Decorative Foils

When manufacturers or coil coating companies face unique challenges or encounter problems during lamination bonding, they should consult with a custom adhesives formulator experienced in coil coating applications. Some lamination bonding applications require a very specific chemistry of adhesive to deliver consistent results with a durable, lasting bond.

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, designs and manufactures custom adhesives, coatings and paints which meet your unique specifications. We utilize optimized raw materials and technical expertise in a diverse range of industrial applications. Our interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving is built on a robust foundation of resin science, polymer chemistry and process technology.

UNICHEM offers more than 50 years of experience in creating custom chemistries to meet your specific requirements with consumer and market insight. We work with OEMs and coil coating companies to develop the right adhesive chemistry for your product. Contact us to learn how custom adhesives can solve your challenges with lamination bonding decorative foils and all your laminating needs.