Lamination Bonding Solutions for Low-Dyne Substrates

lamination bondingDyne levels refer to the measurement of surface energy of a material or substrate and can be a good indicator of your chances for successful adhesion. Different chemistries of adhesives are required for bonding substrates depending on their dyne level, which is evident when applying a coating to a paper based product versus plastic or glass.  Coatings on some materials might adhere quickly or bead-up like water on glass if not compatible.

Typically, lower dyne levels of 30 or less indicate that a liquid adhesive would bead-up on the surface, compared to higher dyne levels of 38 or more which indicate reasonable bonding properties. While this is one indicator of successful bonding compatibility, it does not guarantee reliable surface adhesion. Ways to improve adhesion are with surface preparation, improved adhesives or a combination of both.

Surface Preparation to Mechanically Alter Surface Energy

Mechanically altering the surface energy of substrates is often performed as part of a laminating process, prior to applying laminating adhesives to ensure a reliable adhesion.  Equipment such as electro-treating machines, corona or flame treaters alter the surface energy for improved adhesion prior to lamination.

High Performance Laminating Adhesives

Adhesive chemistry obviously plays a critical role in laminating challenging substrates. Chemistry and coating manufacturers today do an excellent job of providing formulations compatible for various surfaces with material compatibility information readily available.

Custom Chemistries and Coatings: A Better Solution

Specialty adhesive formulations designed for low-dyne substrates and surface treatments may not be enough to meet laminating requirements of manufacturers today. In addition to material and coating compatibility and surface energy (dyne level), material and processing variables must be considered for a holistic approach.

UNICHEM is a custom chemistry and coatings manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in developing high-performance industrial adhesives.  We take an integrated approach, based on a robust foundation of polymer chemistry and adhesive technology, to develop the total solution for your lamination bonding application.  Contact us to learn how to improve your lamination bonding application with specialty and custom coatings and adhesives.