Coil Coating Challenges, Failures and Solutions

Coil Coating ChallengesCoil coating metal substrates with adhesives, paints or custom coatings is a cost-efficient way to treat metal substrates with continuous, automated applications.  According to an article in Paints & Coatings Industry magazine, more than 800 million tons of metal materials are coil-coated and shipped annually in North America.

Coil-Coating Improves Efficiency and Quality

Coil coated metals are used in production of endless products with industry leaders like Whirlpool, GE, Steelcase, Mercedes Benz and other OEM giants leading the industry. Coil coating is much more cost-efficient than post-production coating applications and improves product quality with consistent and uniform coverage.  In spite of the obvious benefits of coil-coating metal products, many manufacturers struggle with quality issues in addition to the capital expenditures and capacity required of coil-coating equipment.

Manufacturers attempting coil-coating in-house benefit from the expertise of experienced coil-coaters and custom chemical and coatings manufacturers.

Challenges with Coil-Coating Applications

OEMs that outsource to a coil-coating specialist often dictate the adhesive or coating to be used, leaving the coil-coater at the mercy of product specifications when a better alternative may be available.  Many factors affect the quality of coil applied coatings and without precise control of the process, manufacturers may experience wrinkling, delamination, and high scrap rates.  Quality issues like these will directly impact the bottom line as well as tarnish a good reputation.

Solutions for Coil-Coating Failures

When experiencing challenges or direct failures with coil applied coatings, a custom chemicals and coatings company like UNICHEM is your best source for a solution. Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, has been solving coating and adhesive failures for more than 50 years.  We partner with our customers and offer the best chemistry of coatings available to meet your specifications.  With an in-depth knowledge of resin technology, polymer chemistry and market specializations we offer solutions that improve your process and product quality.

When you reach out to UNICHEM for your coil-applied laminating, adhesive or coating challenges, you have a custom coatings specialist on your team.  We talk to our customers to find out exactly what your objectives are and dive deep into process challenges whether with current product quality, processing, or defect issues to offer reliable solutions. Every coil coating process faces challenges that must be addressed to achieve maximum quality, productivity, and profitability.

UNICHEM offers extensive experience in providing proven solutions for coil-coating challenges whether with materials or process technology. We offer the best coating or adhesive chemistry to improve your process and product quality.  Contact us to speak with a coatings specialist for the best solution to your coil-coating challenges.