Study Proves the Superior Corrosion Resistance of Prepainted Metal

Corrosion Resistance Prepainted Metal Metal louvers are used on doors or windows to regulate air flow, control light penetration or for acoustic and noise mitigation purposes.  Louvers which are exposed to corrosive elements such as salt and sand from the ocean are at a high risk of degradation, depending on the manufacturing process. According to a study reported on, metal louvers that were prepainted with a coil coating process vs. metal louvers painted post formation with three different technologies were compared side by side and put to the test on Daytona Beach.

Metal louvers with exposed cut edges that were made of prepainted metal were compared against louvers post-painted with an electrocoat, one with a powder finish and yet another with a spray finish.  Hot-dipped galvanized steel was the original substrate used for all the louvers.  All louvers were then exposed to the same environment in Daytona Beach, FL.  Comparisons were noted at 16 months, 44 months, and at 68 months, with the prepainted metal parts continually showing a significant amount of resistance to corrosion over the post-painted louvers.

How Prepainted Metal Provides Maximum Corrosion Resistance

Prepainted metal provides maximum corrosion resistance and outperforms post-painted parts due to several factors. First, prepainted metal is thoroughly cleaned and treated prior to adhesive application, ensuring a clean substrate best suited to receive the adhesion. Application of coatings on prepainted metal with a coil coating process provides edge to edge coverage on flat, steel substrates.

This consistent, continual application on cleaned and treated metal virtually eliminates dirt and imperfections. Prepainted metal is also usually coated on both sides, as opposed to being sprayed on one side only, The tightly controlled process produces a superior coating application for a superior product, with maximum corrosion resistance. Prepainted metal provides improved product appearance and performance, as well as cost-efficient application processes.

Utilizing the best coating for your application is an important decision which will affect the quality of your finished product.  Consulting with a custom coatings manufacturer can help you to choose the best coating for your application. Customizable features can be engineered into coil coatings to provide key properties and benefits to prepainted metal such as maximum corrosion resistance, antimicrobial technology, UV resistance, various surface finish options and colors.

UNICHEM offers custom coatings and adhesives that improve product quality and efficient operations. Our coatings and adhesives are an important part of many prepainted metal applications.  Contact us to learn how to improve your metal coating application with corrosion resistant prepainted metal.