Coil Coating for Prepainted Metal: Custom Solutions

Prepainted Metal

Coil coating is recognized as the most cost-effective and efficient method to pre-paint aluminum and steel substrates. Coil coating is an automated, continuous process for coating metal with adhesives and surface coatings prior to fabrication. There are many advantages of coil coating to creating prepainted metal which is used in a wide range of industries and applications.

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Where Is Coil Coated Prepainted and Metal Used?

Coil-coated, prepainted metal is used to create many types of products across a broad range of industries, including architectural and building panels, metal roofing, transportation equipment, general industrial and machinery products, HVAC equipment, furniture, fixtures, and more. Prepainted metal allows manufacturers to post form products that are already coded and sealed from end to end, providing much greater quality overall and specifically at joints. Post-painting metal often allows increased corrosion at connection points and susceptible areas, as the entire area was not coated prior to formation.

Pre-painting metal with coil coating provides an even application of coatings on the entire surface and can also be coated on both sides efficiently. Coil coating allows for an even application of adhesives and coatings for improved product quality and process efficiencies.

Coil Coating: The Choice for Environmentally Friendly Coatings

One of the greatest advantages of coil coating is the closed-loop process which captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during caring for a much more environmentally friendly process than post-painting. Manufacturers receive sheets of prepainted metal, ready for forming, instead of maintaining an in-house paint shop line which requires purchasing, storing, and proper operation and disposal of chemicals and coatings. In-house paint processes require an effective way to handle VOCs for safe and sustainable operation.

Advantages of UNICHEM Coatings

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, offers industrial paints and coatings that have been recognized for durability and architectural and construction use for decades. UNICHEM has been regarded as a leader among custom coating suppliers, with a team of resin and polymer specialists with deep technical knowledge of custom coating product development. We offer decades of market and technology specialization to open up new possibilities for our customers as we passionately pursue new frontiers in coating technology.

Custom Coil Coating Solutions

UNICHEM custom coatings for prepainted metal are available with color matching and nearly infinite color combinations to meet specific requirements. We help our customers to choose the right type of coating for optimal adhesion and resistance to corrosion, UV damage, and environmental considerations. We ensure that your prepainted metal coating provides long-lasting protection, functionality, and beauty.

We work directly with coil coaters to improve your product with exceptional quality and efficient processes. UNICHEM coatings allow manufacturers and architects to take their products to new highs with improved quality and efficiency. We partner with our customers to act as an extension of your product development and quality team. Our customers rely on our 50 years of experience and technical expertise in coating development and application.

UNICHEM leads the industry in custom coatings and adhesives, with insight into the advantages of coil coating for prepainted metal. We understand the coil coating process and offer quality coatings to improve your product and process quality. Contact us with any questions and to improve your metal coating application with coil coating for prepainted metal.