Fastener Coatings to Meet Extreme Environmental Challenges

Fastener Coatings


Fasteners are used in a variety of applications and require different types of coatings depending on how and where they are used. Quality fasteners are defined by the resilience and durability they exhibit. No matter the industry or application use, fasteners must be designed to last.

Why the Right Fastener Coating Is so Important

Fasteners connect elements together, such as construction elements used in building components, machinery and equipment, and many other uses. No matter the application, the right type of fastener coating is essential to maintain structural integrity. Fastener coatings protect the metal substrate underneath, and the appropriate coating ensures the longest product lifespan for the fastener function and environmental exposure.

Fasteners that are exposed to harsh chemicals will experience a shorter product lifespan if the right type of fastener coating is not selected. Fasteners that are exposed to harsh environments such as outdoor elements and especially structures exposed to saltwater require the highest level of corrosion resistance. Fasteners that become rusted or damaged can provide an extremely dangerous situation and are costly to replace. It is critical that the right type of fastener coating is chosen to match any type of environmental or chemical exposure.

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Corrosion Resistance Testing for Fasteners

Manufacturers of fastener coatings perform various testing and environmental simulations to ensure proper, long-lasting functionality. The salt spray test provides an accelerated corrosion simulation to evaluate the suitability of the protective finish of coatings. After a predetermined period of time, the appearance of corrosion, including rust or other oxides, is evaluated. A longer period of time before corrosion appears indicates a more corrosion-resistant coating.

Types of Fastener Materials and Coatings

Based on the application and environmental or chemical exposure, there are a variety of types of coatings to benefit fasteners in various applications. Stainless steel is a common type of material chosen for fasteners due to its high corrosion resistance properties in many environments. Stainless steel is often a material of choice for fasteners used in many marine applications, construction near a coastline, medical and food applications, and any products designed for use outdoors.

Fastener coatings featuring brass or bronze provide high resistance to corrosion and are often used for products that are visible such as decorative work. Chrome-plated and nickel-plated finishes can also provide resistance to corrosion and a level of protection to the metal although they are often chosen for aesthetic purposes instead of protection or strength and durability.

Zinc coatings can be either clear or yellow zinc which is another popular fastener coating that also provides some protection against rust. Zinc-coated fasteners are often used in humid environments. Yellow zinc coatings provide protection where fasteners will come into contact with liquids and come in a golden hue due to an electroplating process.

Hot dip galvanized coatings provide improved corrosion resistance with a thicker layer of zinc and are common in coastal areas and products for outdoor use. Electro galvanized fasteners provide less corrosion resistance than hot dip galvanized as they contain a thinner layer of zinc and our common in the roofing industry.

Which Type of Fastener Coating Do I Need?

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