Strippable Coatings- Replace Laminated Films On-Line

coil applied protective film

Removable protective coatings are used in many industries to protect surfaces, prior to production, during production (i.e. masking), during forming processes, transportation, and pre-sale, so the end-user receives a product free from surface damage. Most people are familiar with the strippable coatings you see on appliances when you get them home, ready for you to peel off, to reveal a beautiful finish on your new dishwasher. These protective coatings can be used in many industries to protect a wide variety of products from damage like scratches, dirt, contamination, exposure to chemicals, or UV radiation.

Strippable Coatings are Replacing Film Laminates

The conventional way of applying these removable protective films has been to apply precut film laminates to the product, which requires films die cut to the exact size and shape needed and labor for application. There is a better alternative with liquid strippable coatings, which are adding value to companies utilizing protective film coverings.

Liquid strippable coatings can be applied to large coils of steel through a coil coating process, then later formed into products required like kitchen appliances and construction products. This saves time and money with the protective coating already applied prior to product forming, which will stay in place until removed. Liquid strippables are applied to the entire width of the coil and can be formulated to ensure proper adhesion to metal and many other surfaces.

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Strippable Protective Coatings Add Value to Many Industries

Liquid strippable coatings can protect the finish on a wide range of products in many industries.


Temporary removable coatings protect aerospace components from dirt, scratches, abrasions, UV exposure, weathering, and damage. Liquid protective coatings improve the quality and preservation of aerospace components and peel off easily when required without leaving residue.


Protective coatings are often seen on appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers, protecting the surface until the consumer removes the film at home. This improves quality and customer satisfaction.

Automotive and Trailers

Liquid protective coatings add value to the automotive sector by protecting vehicle surfaces and trailer panels during fabrication, assembly, transport and storage.


Liquid strippable coatings protect a variety of surfaces used in the construction industry, such as roofing, siding, wall and roof panels, garage doors, windows, and more.

Machinery and Equipment, HVAC Equipment

Removable coatings are used to protect machinery and equipment for many commercial and industrial applications.

Liquid strippable coatings can be applied through a coil coating process in any thickness required and cover the entire coil from end to end. This drastically improves efficiency for manufacturers, eliminating the need to apply removable protective films post-product formation. Versatile liquid film coatings can be applied with other application methods as well, such as silkscreen or manual application, although coil coating provides many benefits over other application methods.

Customized Strippable Coatings and Protective Films

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, has been providing customized coating solutions to many industries for more than 50 years. UNICHEM offers uniGUARD strippable coatings and protective films that provide temporary film laminating solutions and versatile application methods. uniGUARD temporary removable film provides a protective coating and is available in solvent-based or water-based chemistries, each providing cost-effective, high-quality protective coating solutions.

UNICHEM is recognized as an industry-leading custom chemical and coatings manufacturer, offering custom coatings, industrial adhesives, and more. We excel in solving film lamination problems and providing long-lasting, quality coating solutions. Contact us to learn how uniGUARD temporary strippable protective film can improve your product quality and provide operational efficiencies.