Dry Erase Coatings: Endless Possibilities for Creative Visionary Space

Dry Erase Coatings

You’ll find dry-erase boards as a staple in many classrooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms, typically as a traditional, rectangle dry erase board inserted into a frame and hanging on the wall. Now imagine a large section of the entire wall, or the middle section of every wall in the room, containing a wraparound whiteboard with dry erase coatings. This allows everyone sitting around the table to jump up, grab a marker, and participate.

Instead of meetings where just one person is in charge of the marker, dry erase coatings introduce new possibilities for collaboration and creativity. Not only do dry erase coatings allow endless options for whiteboard products, but they are also of better quality than most traditional whiteboards and prevent ghosting and scuff resistance, and if desired, can be formulated to include antimicrobial properties.

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Dry Erase Coatings for Coil Coating Application

Coil coating is a high-speed, efficient, and cost-effective coating process used to manufacture steel and aluminum products for use in a wide range of industries. There is a new approach to producing dry-erase whiteboard products with specially formulated coatings that can be applied via the coil coating method. Unlike traditional products, which are limited in terms of shape and design, coil coating to a continuous steel coil allows for endless possibilities in product fabrication. Dry-erase technology can include creative space on office wall partitions, on wall panels, and even curved spaces.

Coil coating provides an efficient method of coating steel substrates for many industry applications, including furniture and office products. Incorporating dry-erase technology that can be coil coated, such as uniRASE by UNICHEM, provides many benefits for the furniture and office supply industry and the end-user. Manufacturers experience increased efficiency with an improved quality of product and greater versatility than what can be provided with painting and applying coatings post formation. End users enjoy the look and feel of high-quality dry erase coatings with the quality and durability of a coil-applied coating.

uniRASE Dry Erase Coatings Delivers Many Benefits

Universal Chemicals & Coatings (UNICHEM) offers uniRASE dry erase coating technology for high-performance dry-erase products. uniRASE provides a high-quality, dry erase surface with many benefits over other whiteboard products:

  • No ghosting – uniRASE provides excellent resistance to ghosting and shadowing, meeting erasability tests of more than 100 markers and 10,000 cycles during heat and humidity cycling.
  • Stain resistant – specially formulated uniRASE coatings are resistant to staining and UV damage.
  • Antimicrobial – uniRASE can be formulated with antimicrobial technology, giving it the ability to resist a broad spectrum of microbial threats. The uniCLER antimicrobial additive offers added protection against the buildup of harmful bacteria, as well as other microbes, which helps to prevent premature degradation of material, improving long-lasting performance.

uniRASE dry-erase coatings provide solutions to many office, furniture, and appliance applications with exceptional quality and long-lasting durability. Coil-coated dry-erase technology dramatically improves whiteboard product options, possibilities, and performance while providing cost-saving efficiencies to manufacturers.

UNICHEM is a leading custom coatings and adhesives manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. We perform extensive research, development, and product testing and follow strict quality procedures as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration. Contact us to learn more about our proprietary uniRASE dry-erase coating technology.