Case Study – First-to-Market Innovative Drum Lining Developed for Coil Coating Application


Drum manufacturers and chemical packagers rely on drum linings for storing and transporting bulk quantities of a wide array of chemical materials such as oils, syrups, high fructose corn syrup, industrial chemicals, powders, food and beverage products, and more. The traditional method of coating drum lining interior and exterior surfaces involves spray applications, sheet or roll coating on sheet metal stock vs. coil coating on a continuous coil. Sheet coating and spraying are much slower processes, requiring a skilled labor force and manufacturing floor space.

UNICHEM has developed our proprietary solvent-based drum lining, RESCO® UNIVERSAL, for successful application via continuous coil coating. Coil coating also allows for coating both sides of the substrate at once, thereby being able to apply RESCO® UNIVERSAL drum lining and FLEXLAIN® exterior coating simultaneously.


Many drum manufacturers operate sheet coating lines within their operation and, like every other industry, experience challenges in their labor force due to the global pandemic. Producers and users of drums and pails have been searching for solutions with cost-effective application of drum linings that meet all performance requirements while reducing labor requirements, manufacturing costs, and material shortages.


Coil Coating applied UNICHEM’s RESCO® UNIVERSAL and FLEXLAIN® Exterior Coating

UNICHEM is continually striving to develop innovative solutions for our customers’ needs. RESCO® UNIVERSAL is applied via coil coating simultaneously with FLEXLAIN® exterior coating, which reduces the need for manufacturers to spray or coat parts in-house. Manufacturers experience many benefits when receiving prepainted parts with coatings applied via the coil coating method. Our coating systems can be produced in various colors with the same end performance as conventional manufacturing while providing improved profitability, and lowering costs of energy, labor, waste, overhead, scheduling, and material handling.


UNICHEM’s RESCO® UNIVERSAL drum lining and FLEXLAIN® exterior coating can both be applied simultaneously via coil coating with high heat curing. This provides many benefits including:

  • High-speed coating – allows high-speed coating application with compatible curing conditions in seconds instead of minutes, with no loss of performance.
  • Meets testing regulations and standards – RESCO® drum linings meet FDA food-grade lining requirements regarding direct food contact, as well as all applicable ASTM test method standards and chemical compatibility testing.
  • Versatility for better inventory management – RESCO® UNIVERSAL applied via coil coating delivers versatile benefits with one universal coating that meets the needs of a wide range of performance requirements. This one drum lining can take the place of several other chemistries for better inventory management with one base formula to provide a full range of chemical resistance properties.

Download: UNICHEM Case Study – First-to-Market Innovative Drum Lining Developed for Coil Coating Application (PDF)

UNICHEM is continually striving to deliver innovative coating and adhesive solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We provide custom coating solutions that meet stringent quality and regulation testing requirements and resist the attack of a full array of chemistries. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of coil coating RESCO® UNIVERSAL drum lining with FLEXLAIN® exterior coating.