Fastener Coatings Optimized for Extreme Environments

Fastener CoatingsFasteners are used in a wide variety of applications to combine elements and provide a level of protection to the structure in which they are used. Fasteners are typically coated with a type of fastener coating dictated by the functionality required and the environmental demands. When evaluating the quality of fasteners, resilience and durability are the key considerations and the right type of fastener coating makes all the difference.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Fastener Coating 

Exposure to certain types of chemicals or environmental conditions can reduce the life span of fasteners, particularly when not properly coated.  Fasteners that experience rust or damage can be dangerous in certain environments and may be costly to replace.  It is important to select the right type of fastener coating for the application needs and environmental demands initially, to mitigate risk and avoid costly situations later.

Fastener Coatings with Corrosion Resistance

Custom coating manufacturers rely on environmental testing like salt spray tests to determine the level of corrosion resistance of fastener coatings. Fastener coatings are used to provide rustproof nails, screws, nuts, and bolts with corrosion resistance. Lubricant blends and fluoropolymer coatings reduce friction during installation. Epoxy coatings deliver corrosion resistance and superior protection against impact and abrasion. Fastener coatings for outdoor applications may include zinc for excellent corrosion resistance, phenolic coatings deliver good protection in high temperature environments. High-quality fastener coatings protect fasteners and structures for longevity in both indoor and outdoor environments.

UNICHEM Delivers Custom Fastener Coating Solutions 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, is a leading industrial coatings supplier recognized in the industry for exceptional quality and innovative, custom formulations. We offer custom formulated adhesives and coatings designed to improve product quality and process efficiencies. We have been serving the fastener industry with high-quality uniTITE fastener coatings for more than 50 years offering in-depth market expertise.

uniTITE Nail Fastener Coating 

uniTITE fastener coating for nails is designed to provide corrosion resistance with easy drivability and high anchoring strength. This improves worker productivity and product quality.

UniTITE Staple Fastener Coating 

uniTITE fastener coating for staples offers improved drivability and corrosion protection.

Industrial fasteners play an important role in many applications, providing safety and security to structures of all types whether housing, manufacturing, commercial properties, public places and more. UNICHEM offers the experience and drive for innovation to meet the demands of today’s construction and building industry with quality fastener coatings designed to meet your specific needs. Do the job right the first time and use high-quality fastener coatings such as uniTITE by UNICHEM for long lasting performance.

UNICHEM is a leader in the industrial coating industry with more than 50 years of experience in developing high-quality, innovative coatings and adhesives. We offer expertise in coil applied coatings and industrial adhesives for laminating bonding solutions. Contact us with any questions on improving your fasteners with high quality, corrosion resistant fastener coatings.