Anti-Soil, Chemical, and Stain Resistant Coatings

Stain Resistant Coatings

Stain-resistant coatings are gaining recognition as enhancing the ability of coatings to resist staining and soiling greatly enhances product appeal.

Stain-Resistant Coatings Desirable in Many Applications

Both commercial users and consumers in many industries and applications benefit when products are treated with stain-resistant coatings. Stain-resistant surfaces are desirable in many markets, including:

  • Automobile
  • Building and construction
  • Stone, concrete, and tile
  • Grout and caulks
  • Paints
  • Furniture

Stain-resistant coatings protect products in these applications and many others where end users require durable surfaces that hold up to long-term use, exposure to the elements, and repeated cleaning.

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Anti-Soil Automobile Coatings

Surface coatings with self-matting, polymer-based dull coatings are a popular choice for automobile interiors. Non-marring, soft-touch finishes provide superior properties over some traditional silica-based matting agents. Imparting a matting effect simultaneously with anti-soiling properties, however, is still a challenge, particularly with resistance to coffee stains. Even surface coatings designed for anti-staining and soiling performance still have issues with coffee staining.

Low gloss coatings with polymer-based matting agents are popular for automotive applications and provide a unique soft touch, and non-marring performance. Chemical extinction is a process of synthesizing specific polymer resins to achieve structural properties such as low gloss levels without the use of matting agents. This can provide advantages such as reducing effects like brittleness or bending, which can arise with the use of conventional dulling additives.

Self-matting, waterborne polyurethane coatings with anti-soiling properties and resistance to coffee stains still pose a challenge. Consulting with an experienced chemical coating specialist can help manufacturers understand their options for stain-resistant coatings.

Stain-Resistant Building and Construction Coatings

Many building and construction materials, such as tile, stone, concrete, and other porous surfaces, require stain-resistant properties. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, as there is a diverse range of applications and functionality requirements for achieving stain resistance. Custom chemical formulators must consider the type of substrate material, the solvents, or the solvent blend that would be most appropriate for the application specifications.

Enhancing the performance of current resin technologies, particularly in stain resistance and oil repellency, is a primary application of resin additives. In many instances, the considerations must be balanced with environmental standards and regulations.

Custom Coating Manufacturer

Working with a custom coating manufacturer is the best way to ensure that your surface coating meets your application specifications. Universal Chemicals & Coatings Inc., UNICHEM, is a custom chemical and coating manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. Our VINYLOID® PVC Coatings provide stain resistance and chemical resistance and are very durable. We perform critical testing and follow strict quality procedures as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration and proprietary quality standards.

We offer surface coating solutions, including stain-resistant coatings as well as anti-microbial coating technology. Antimicrobial coating technology can be incorporated into a variety of our surface coating solutions for added durability and protection against the spread of harmful microbes.

UNICHEM is a leading custom chemical and coating manufacturer providing rapid development of coating solutions. We offer coatings for coil coating processes, paints, and industrial adhesives with in-depth market and technology specialization. Contact us to learn more and to speak with a resin and coating specialist.