Prepainted Metal is Changing the Face of Home Appliances

Antimicrobial Appliance Coatings
Prepainted metal offers appliance manufacturers several benefits including a higher quality of product with a lower cost solution.  Makers of refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, water heaters, HVAC ductwork and more have turned to coil coated, prepainted metal instead of in-house painting processes to meet consumer demand and improve their manufacturing process.

Prepainted metal in the appliance industry allows for a wide variety of surface finish coatings, different from the standard black or white refrigerators and ovens of the past.  Consumers want a choice when designing the looks of their kitchen, laundry room or other areas of the house.  Prepainted metal delivers these options in a big way with significant improvements to product quality over the sprayed on powder applied during post-painting processes of yesteryear.

Consumer Demand Driving Prepainted Appliances

Consumers want appliances that have the look of stainless steel or other modern finishes, with a smudge proof finish and even anti-microbial features.  Embossing technology allows for steel rolls to be imprinted with both positive and negative patterns under pressure, which helps to reduce marring and smudging.  Flattening agents allow for a degree of gloss or shine and aesthetically pleasing appearances.  Texture finish results are possible by adding solid materials to a smooth paint finish for three-dimensional results.

High end consumer appliances utilizing stainless steel were still allowing for fingerprinting on surfaces.  Coil coating with a stainless steel look or a faux stainless finish gives the look of stainless with non-smudging properties possible as well as antimicrobial technology available in one surface coating without the shortcomings of stainless steel.

Today’s marketplace is realizing the benefits of coil coated, prepainted metal in many industries and applications especially home appliances.  UNICHEM is a market leader in coil coating surface coatings, paints, and adhesives with the ability to customize chemistries to meet consumer demand in your market.


UNICHEM has been a market and technology leader for more than 50 with a commitment to meeting customer and consumer demand through innovative product development.  We are dedicated to research and developing, providing first-to-market technologies that improve manufacturing processes and product quality.  Contact us to learn more about the many options available for surface coatings with prepainted metal for appliances.

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