Custom Formulation and Development of Coatings and Adhesives

Coatings and Adhesives

Custom coatings, adhesives, and sealants help to resolve many process challenges manufacturers experience. Working with a knowledgeable and reputable custom chemical and coatings manufacturer helps companies to improve product durability and quality and increase operational efficiencies.

Custom Coating and Adhesive Solutions

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been providing custom formulation and development of coatings and adhesives for more than 50 years. We design, develop, and manufacture high-performance coatings, paints, adhesives, drum and pail liners, and sealants with a synergistic team of technical experts. UNICHEM offers dynamic manufacturing capabilities, utilizing only quality, optimized raw materials.

We provide custom coating solutions with an interdisciplinary approach to all coating and adhesive applications, ensuring the best product is delivered to meet all functional end-use requirements while also providing the most efficient manufacturing process. Our customers rely on our consumer and market insight, combined with deep technical knowledge of polymer chemistry and resin science.

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Redefine the Possibilities with Custom Coatings

UNICHEM takes your project to the next level with custom chemistries developed from extensive expertise in a variety of market applications. This market and operational expertise allow for unrivaled speed to market high-quality, high-performance products.

How UNICHEM redefines the possibilities in your market:

  • Extensive research and development
  • State-of-the-art research laboratories and analytical facilities
  • Create custom, innovative solutions to address your challenges
  • Develop chemistries that improve your products and process
  • Perform rigid product testing for accelerated corrosion and weathering resistance
  • Offer scratch, stain, scuff, and impact resistance with NANO scuff technology
  • Offer antimicrobial surface coating solutions

Custom Coating Provider to Meet Your Unique Requirements

UNICHEM is a market leader in industrial coatings, paints, and adhesives, offering high quality, high-performance solutions in a fast-paced, economically challenging environment. We provide solutions for manufacturers that require:

  • Low to zero-emission coatings
  • Zero VOC industrial coatings
  • Wide curing temperature ranges
  • Single and two-stage curing
  • Coatings for pretreated surfaces
  • Chemical resistant coatings
  • Fast dry and stack coatings
  • Custom formulations

Our team of experienced and highly skilled resin scientists provides the custom coating solutions that differentiate you from the competition. Our research laboratories and multi-facility resources ensure an uninterrupted supply chain to meet your production requirements.

ISO9001:2015 Registered Coating Supplier with Strict Quality Policies

UNICHEM is an ISO9001:2015 registered custom chemical and coating supplier following strict quality policies, including a full array of proprietary quality procedures. Full traceability with lot number control ensures high-quality manufacturing with consistent repeatability.

All UNICHEM testing laboratories adhere to strict American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM, methods, and practices. This ensures uniformity is applied with each assessment for repeatable test results that are traceable to national standards. Our coating and adhesive technology add value to your product, whether a large-scale coating application or a niche market.

UNICHEM has been leading the custom coatings and adhesives market for over 50 years, with a commitment to providing solutions and solving challenges. We deliver long-lasting solutions for superior product performance and process efficiencies. Contact us to learn how UNICHEM can expand your possibilities with custom coatings and adhesives.