Flexible Packaging Laminating Adhesives Solutions

Flexible Packaging Laminating Adhesives

Flexible packaging laminating adhesives provide solutions for a variety of packaging requirements from economical, general-purpose packaging to high-performance packaging materials such as reclosable packages or packaging fit for oven or microwave uses.

Laminating Adhesives for Packaging

Flexible packaging comes in a wide range of materials with various adhesives designed to meet a broad spectrum of requirements. Packaging applications require long-lasting bonding with fast curing times. Solvent-based polyurethane adhesives are predominantly used in automotive and packaging requirements as well as consumer product industries, where they are applied to a variety of substrate types.

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Packaging Adhesive Solutions

Adhesive solutions for the packaging industry must meet various requirements such as:

    • Excellent processing even at high speeds
    • Easy cleaning
    • Comfortable handling
    • Compatibility with inks
    • Retort and pasteurization processes
    • High level of food safety
    • High initial tack
    • Aliphatic room temperature curing
    • Quick primary aromatic amines (PAA) decay

Solventless Laminating Adhesives

Solventless adhesives provide benefits to numerous industries, specifically food packaging processes. Adhesives that are solvent-free provide the desired combination of durable bonding with sustainability and economic benefits as well as safety for the food industry. Solvent-free adhesives are also well suited for packaging needs that require low weight.

Solvent-Based Laminating Adhesives

Solvent-based laminating adhesives are ideal for packaging needs in the food and nonfood industries that require high thermal stresses. Solvent-based adhesives provide solutions to a variety of flexible packaging applications with high bond strength.

Water-Based Adhesives for Laminating

There is an increasing need for water-based laminating adhesives, particularly for use in the food and beverage packaging industry. Water-based adhesives for laminating in the packaging industry provide low foaming properties and quick cure time. Water-based adhesives provide solutions with wet and dry bonding applications for films or foils.

Custom Adhesive Manufacturer for Packaging Laminating Solutions

Working with an experienced adhesive manufacturer offers many benefits to packaging laminating applications. Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, is recognized as a leading, high-tech adhesive manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. We offer vast market expertise to a broad range of industries and applications, providing long-lasting solutions to laminating challenges.

UNICHEM provides laminating solutions that improve product quality and process efficiencies with high-quality adhesives designed to meet demanding application needs. uniBOND industrial adhesives are formulated for reliable bonding when laminating to metal, rubber, polypropylene, polyethylene, and other laminating requirements. Our knowledgeable and experienced team provides problem-solving and troubleshooting analysis to determine the best type of adhesive for your process.

UNICHEM provides solutions with excellent clarity, low foaming tendency, quick curing with various temperature requirements, consistency, and excellent clarity. We provide solutions for highly acidic or corrosive packaging requirements, high thermal resistance, quick setting, and ensure maximum safety in your products and processes, meeting most regulatory requirements.

UNICHEM leads the industry with high-performance uniBOND industrial adhesives designed to meet various application requirements. We follow strict quality policies, including proprietary quality standards, and perform rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Contact us to learn more about improving your package laminating process with uniBOND industrial adhesive and the UNICHEM team.