Solutions for Lamination Bonding to Metal Failure

Lamination Bonding to Metal failuresLamination bonding to metal is used in many industries and applications to provide durable laminates in lightweight products.  Metal laminates are used in many applications such as in automobiles, construction and building materials, and various consumer goods. Lamination bonding to metal allows for manufacturers to create durable products by bonding a polypropylene laminate film or core to a metal substrate such as steel or aluminum.

The type of adhesive used in the process for applying this laminate to metal adhesive is key in achieving optimum performance and long-lasting results of the end product.

Coil Coated Polypropylene Lamination Bonding Adhesive

Applying a high-quality industrial adhesive to a sheet of metal or aluminum prior to lamination and product forming with a coil coated process provides many benefits to manufacturers and consumers. Coil coated metal laminates have the adhesive applied in a consistent manner with better curing than other methods of application and significantly improve product quality.

High-performance industrial adhesives like uniBOND from UNICHEM are available with B-stage curing. This means the adhesive can be applied to the sheet of metal, rolled up and shipped to the manufacturer where the laminate is applied with a heat application process that permanently bonds the laminate to metal.  Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been providing high-quality industrial adhesives and custom industrial coating solutions for more than 50 years.

Troubleshooting Adhesion Failure

Companies often call upon the experienced team at UNICHEM for troubleshooting adhesion problems and when experiencing lamination bonding to metal failure. Our adhesive specialists help our customers to evaluate the various reasons for lamination bonding problems and adhesion failure which may include improper surface preparation or the incorrect selection of adhesive.

UNICHEM’s uniBOND industrial adhesive is solving problems for lamination bonding to metal applications. uniBOND is developed from exceptional research and development and only the highest in quality of raw materials. uniBOND is available to suit the needs of many lamination bonding applications including:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Fiber Composite
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • TPO
  • PVC

UNICHEM combines a dynamic manufacturing capability with rapid development of high quality adhesive solutions and custom chemistries that meet your specific requirements. We continually conduct extensive research and development, pursuing new frontiers that expand the possibilities in our customers’ marketplace.  Whether looking to move from an in-house application to a coil coating application method or searching for the best adhesive to improve your product, the experienced adhesive specialists at UNICHEM provide in-depth analysis and solutions.

UNICHEM offers market specialization for many industry segments as an experienced adhesive and industrial coatings technology leader for more than 50 years. We analyze your current process and product to troubleshoot any adhesion failure occurrences and provide reliable, cost-effective solutions. Contact us to learn more about improving your lamination to metal application and avoid bonding failure.