Research And Development Needed for Innovative Adhesives

Current events over the last couple of years have affected just about every industry in the United States and worldwide, including the adhesives and sealants industry. Consumer demands continue to evolve with related trends such as the importance of sustainability and an increase in e-commerce in the midst of significant challenges regarding supply chain issues and inflation. Companies must focus on research and development now more than ever to provide commercially viable products that meet consumer demands with innovative products.

This can be even more challenging now than in years past, with significant roadblocks for businesses to just meet production requirements profitably. Adhesive suppliers that successfully pivot around these challenges by continually exploring with continued research and development will outlast and outperform other adhesive suppliers. There are specific qualities that relate to industrial adhesive and coatings suppliers that are succeeding during these challenging times, with continued research, development, and innovation to meet the changing landscape of market demands.

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Experience The UNICHEM Difference for Your Adhesive and Coating Needs

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been a leader in the custom coatings and adhesives market for more than 50 years. We have maintained our R&D efforts during the challenging times of the last couple of years with a strong focus on innovative solutions that add value to our customers’ products and processes. Our exceptional research and development team offers unique coating and adhesive solutions with innovative and rapid manufacturing.

Innovative Adhesive Research and Development

UNICHEM shapes tomorrow’s technology with innovative product development customized to meet unique challenges. Our state-of-the-art research analytical facilities and laboratories allow rapid iteration of customized product solutions with unrivaled speed-to-market solutions. We offer a pilot lab production capabilities and sample analysis for short and long-term performance evaluation. Our facilities are dedicated to ensuring failed application success with the highest probability through proven technologies that simulate real-world conditions existing in our customers’ industry.

Our team provides the experience, deep technical knowledge, and flexibility to pivot with ease around the current production economics, environmental standards, and regulations. All UNICHEM testing labs adhere to strict practices and methods adopted by the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM, to provide uniformity and repeatable test results aligned with national standards.

Our dedicated research teams excel in providing unique yet practical solutions based on a deep technical knowledge of polymer chemistry and resin science. UNICHEM redefines the possibilities for our customers and their market offerings.

Consistent, High-Quality Industrial Adhesive Products

uniBOND by UNICHEM is typically applied with a coil coating process that provides cost-efficient savings coupled with high quality and is available in customized solutions to meet specific process requirements. uniBOND has improved adhesion applications, including laminating to metal, fiber composite adhesives, laminating to vinyl, rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, and other materials, since 1967.

UNICHEM follows strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification along with proprietary quality procedures. We utilize high-quality raw materials combined with quality-focused best practices to develop high-performance, customizable adhesive and coating solutions.

UNICHEM is a leading supplier of high-quality industrial adhesives and coatings with customizable formulations. We offer innovative products with exceptional research and development, product testing, and high-quality solutions. Contact us to redefine the possibilities in your market with innovative industrial adhesive solutions that meet current market demands and consumer trends.