Main Causes of Rubber Adhesive Bonding Failure

rubber to substrate bonding failuresThe industrial adhesive chosen for laminating rubber applications is critical to maintain reliable bonding to the substrate. If an incorrect adhesive is selected, the finished product will inevitably fail. There are many causes of rubber to substrate bonding failures which an experienced adhesive supplier such as UNICHEM can help to troubleshoot, provide solutions, and through developmental collaboration, proactively avoid negative results.

Here are the most common causes of rubber to substrate bond failure:

Using the wrong adhesive – using the wrong adhesive is one of the main causes of rubber to substrate bonding failure. The rubber adhesive must be compatible with the elastomer and the substrate or performance issues will occur including a complete bonding failure in the worst-case scenario.  For the most durable, reliable bond you must choose an adhesive that is compatible with both materials. With so many rubber bonding adhesives available, be sure to check with your custom adhesive supplier for recommendations.

Incorrect storage, handling, and preparation – proper handling including storage and preparation during application of adhesives is required for successful bonding of rubber to substrates. Improper handling is one of the major causes of rubber bonding failures. Keeping your substrate surface clean and clear of contaminants as well as proper surface preparation is imperative for quality adhesive performance. Cleaning your substrate surface to be completely clear from any dirt, debris, oil, or residue and preventing simple accumulation of dust is critical for successful bonding of rubber to any substrate.

Bonding process issues – another source of rubber to substrate bonding failure is found in the processing method itself. Processing and curing time and methods can have a direct impact on adhesion.

Environmental factors – environmental conditions can cause stressors on bonded rubber components such as exposure to high temperatures for extended periods of time. Environmental considerations should be a factor in choosing the right adhesive for your application.

UNICHEM Offers Rubber Laminating Adhesive Solutions 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, offer solutions for rubber laminating applications with high quality industrial adhesives. We test the integrity of our adhesives for reliable bonding and offer customized solutions to meet your application needs. Our industrial adhesives provide superior bonding with coil coating applications and single stage or B-stage curing options.

UNICHEM is a leading chemicals and coatings supplier offering customized solutions to meet your application needs. We offer a wide selection of industrial adhesives for laminating rubber to metal, and other materials including vinyl, fiber composite, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Contact us with any questions on improving your rubber laminating applications with uniBOND industrial adhesives.