Insulation & Sandwich Panel Adhesive Solutions

Sandwich Panel AdhesiveDurable vehicle bodies are required for owners and operators of all types of vehicles, including motorhomes, caravans, and refrigerated trucks. Along with durability, lightweight vehicle bodies improve fuel efficiency, and insulated sandwich panels absorb vibration and lessen the effects of road noise. Insulated sandwich panel production provides many benefits to the manufacturer and the end-user when the right sandwich panel adhesive is used.

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Sandwich Panel Adhesive Requirements

Manufacturers are focused on optimizing productivity while consistently producing high-quality products. When producing insulated sandwich panels, manufacturers that partner with an experienced laminating adhesives supplier realize many benefits with adhesives catered to their products and processes. Choosing the right laminating adhesive for insulated sandwich panel production is key to achieving high quality and efficiency.

Laminating industrial adhesives must be chosen to meet the characteristics of the substrate along with process requirements. This includes choosing an adhesive with the proper curing method to provide quick or slow curing, single-stage or two-stage (B-stage) curing, and reliable adhesion that meets all environmental characteristics, such as ambient temperature.

UNICHEM offers uniBOND industrial adhesives for laminating sandwich panels with variations for single-stage or B-stage curing and chemistries suitable for bonding polypropylene or polyethylene films and insulative cores to various types of substrates such as aluminum, steel, and tinplate.

Benefits of Partnering with a Laminating Adhesives Supplier

Whether producing body assembly or sandwich panels, partnering with a laminating adhesives supplier provides many benefits. UNICHEM is a laminating adhesives supplier with more than 50 years of experience in market application expertise wherever composite panels are required, including building products, consumer goods, tractor-trailers, and transportation vehicles, including refrigerated trucks, caravans, and motorhome manufacturing markets. We partner with our customers to ensure high-quality, durable products and process optimization.

Enhanced Durability

Some of the benefits of using customized laminating adhesives for quality and efficient assembly of insulating panels include enhanced durability of the vehicle. UNICHEM offers quality uniBOND industrial adhesives that ensure structural integrity and provide high durability to transportation composite panels. We work with our customers to provide quick-cure adhesive technology to a broad range of substrates for long-lasting bonding and durability.

Process Optimization

UNICHEM offers industrial laminating adhesives that optimize insulating sandwich panel production cycle times and meet ambient temperature and complex processing parameters. Optimize press time with customized laminating adhesives to meet process specifications and environmental characteristics.

UNICHEM offers an extensive portfolio of laminating adhesive technologies that increase adhesive utilization and production speed. We analyze your process to recommend the right adhesive solution to meet your substrate and processing requirements. Redefine the possibilities in your market and experience the difference of having a laminating adhesive expert on your team.

UNICHEM is a custom coating and adhesive supplier with expertise in providing reliable, durable bonding solutions to a wide range of market applications. We offer a team of resin and adhesive experts, combined with strict quality control and product testing, to meet your specific bonding requirements. Contact us to learn more about improving your insulating sandwich panel production with an experienced laminating adhesive supplier.