Coil Coating Industrial Adhesives For Building Products

Coil Coating Industrial Adhesives In the realm of architectural products, coil coatings strike a perfect balance between aesthetic allure and robust protection.

Exploring Coil Coated Adhesives for Architectural Marvels

From metal roofing and wall panels to HVAC equipment and automotive and transportation components, exceptional custom coil coatings are engineered to endure the rigors of residential, commercial, and industrial settings, even amid severe environmental conditions. Coil coating is the preferred method of application for metal coatings and adhesives for use in fabricating a variety of commercial and industrial products.

The Coil Coating Process: A Revolution in Pre-Painting

Coil coating, celebrated for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness in pre-painting steel and aluminum substrates, is a continuous and automated process. Not only does it offer closed-loop functionality, but it also captures VOCs during curing, making it an environmentally friendly process.

For over 50 years, UNICHEM has been at the forefront of durable architectural metal coatings and adhesives, boasting exceptional coil coatings in a wide array of color finishes with custom color options available and special effect finishes that redefine possibilities in architectural metals.

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Unraveling the Coil Coating Solutions for Architectural Products

UNICHEM’s range of coil coatings for roof and wall panels ensures resistance against color fading, chipping, peeling, and environmental stressors like acid rain and ultraviolet exposure. From ultra-durable polyesters to fluoropolymer coatings, these products meet or exceed performance requirements.

The applications extend to building products, where UNICHEM’s coil coatings offer flexibility, and durable pigments for long-lasting color, hardness, stain resistance, and abrasion resistance, making them ideal for siding, rainware, and trim coil.

Coil Metal Coatings: A Perfect Fusion of Art and Science

UNICHEM offers a comprehensive portfolio of coil coatings and adhesives, catering to various sectors ranging from appliances to monumental architectural structures. UNICHEM’s offerings fuse art and science, emphasizing both beauty and function in metal coatings and adhesives.

UNICHEM’s Expertise in Addressing Adhesion Challenges

Adhesion challenges often plague fabricators working with various coatings or industrial adhesives. UNICHEM steps in as a custom formulator of coil coatings and industrial adhesives, providing long-term, customer-specific solutions. Collaborating with experienced coil coaters, UNICHEM develops fully customized adhesive or coating formulations that meet OEM specifications.

A notable challenge is the specific temperature range required for curing. Flexible temperature ranges allow for consistent curing across the entire coil width, an essential factor for many OEMs.

Single-Stage and Dual-Stage Curing Adhesives

Dual-stage curing, known as two-stage or B-stage, involves a low-temperature cure step that partially cures the adhesive. UNICHEM offers uniBOND industrial adhesive in single and two-stage adhesive formulations, like uniBOND industrial adhesives, designed to bond various substrates. These adhesives can be stored for extended periods and then activated during the final lamination process, creating a permanent, thermal-set bond.

With over 50 years of experience, UNICHEM stands as an industry-leading supplier, offering market and technology specialization. We offer coil coating solutions based on decades of experience and in-depth research and development with a team of resin and adhesive specialists. Our entire organization practices strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration combined with proprietary quality procedures.

Contact UNICHEM to explore the numerous benefits of coil coating with single and two-stage adhesives and witness the transformation of architectural possibilities. Discover more about UNICHEM’s offerings and expertise to elevate your architectural endeavors.