Coatings and Adhesives for Coil Coating

Adhesives for Coil CoatingCoil coating is a process that has been around for many years, allowing manufacturers to produce high-quality, durable products with an attractive finish. One main theme touted within the coil coating industry is to “finish first, fabricate later,” referring to the process of coating metal in sheet form prior to product fabrication, such as with a die-cutting process.

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Coil Coating Process

This continuous process of applying coatings and/or adhesives in a coil coating application provides many benefits, particularly when partnering with an experienced custom coatings and adhesives supplier. The coil coating process includes:

  • Unwinding and cleaning of the coil
  • Surface preparation/chemical surface pretreatment on one or both sides
  • Single or multiple applications of liquid paints, coatings, and/or adhesives
  • Cooling and rewinding the metal coil to ship to a fabricator, slitter, or sheeter

Coil coating lines from the most basic to the most advanced share the same principle of continuous movement of material traveling through the various sections at the same speed. This provides an exceptionally consistent application of coatings for repeatable quality processes. Continual application of coatings within the closed-loop coil coating equipment protects against the uneven application as well as contaminants from the air, which can cause quality issues.

The Many Benefits of Coil Coating

Coil coating improves the quality of products with end-to-end coverage of metal prior to formation, providing better protection for products at joints and seams as compared to post-formation coating applications. Product formation with prepainted metal is inherently more consistent and meets higher quality standards with greater resistance to corrosion than post-formation coatings on a part-by-part basis. Coil coating typically provides significant labor efficiencies, energy savings, and environmental benefits in addition to improved product quality.

Innovative industrial adhesives and coatings have extended and influenced the many potential applications for precoated metals. Working with an experienced custom coatings and adhesives supplier is the best way to realize the numerous benefits of coil coating.

UNICHEM Provides Custom Coil Coating and Adhesive Solutions

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, is a leading custom coating and adhesive supplier, offering a broad range of coatings and uniBOND industrial adhesives designed for flawless coil coating applications. Our coatings deliver excellent adhesion with optimum formability and flexibility in surface hardness. We offer a wide range of products for the paints and coatings industries with special properties, including weathering and UV resistance and chemical and corrosion resistance.
Depending on the substrate’s properties and processing technical requirements, UNICHEM offers the right coating and/or adhesive to meet your product and process requirements. Our uniBOND industrial adhesive product line offers reliable adhesion to a broad range of substrates with various drying and curing specifications and finish options.

UNICHEM is an industry-leading custom coatings and adhesives supplier, offering quality products proven to increase process efficiencies while improving product quality. We employ the leading polymer and resin scientists with vast expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing custom coatings. Contact us with any questions and learn how to improve your process with custom coatings and adhesives for coil coating.