Bonding Metal with Adhesives Instead of Fasteners

Bonding Metal with Adhesives Instead of Fasteners


Metal adhesive systems are becoming increasingly popular, whereas welded bonds and fasteners used to be the most popular method for bonding metal. There are many different types of metals, however, as well as a variety of metal adhesives. It can be challenging to choose the right type of adhesive for lamination bonding to metal applications.

Metal Adhesives for Bonding

The chemical bonds that are created with metal adhesives are preferred over metal fasteners, welding, and smoldering for many metal bonding applications. Metal adhesives provide many advantages over mechanical fasteners as a more cost-efficient option that eliminates the need for numerous steps in assembly lines to secure mechanical fasteners. This speeds up the entire metal bonding process.

Metal adhesives also improve the quality of metal-bonded products as adhesives provide a permanent bond that will not loosen as mechanical fasteners can over time. Mechanical fasteners can also rust and cause bonding failure over time if the right type of fastener material is not used. Adhesives provide long-lasting, permanent bonds with cost-saving efficiencies, higher-quality products, and other advantages.

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Laminating to metal with industrial adhesives provides many benefits for product quality and functionality, such as added insulation and reduced vibration, which is ideal in automotive, truck, and trailer applications. Adhesives are also lighter weight than metal fasteners, which is driving automotive manufacturers to replace mechanical fasteners with adhesives to improve fuel efficiency in vehicles.

Adhesive bonded metal products can be more flexible to allow relative movement without affecting the bond. This flexibility, added insulation, and resistance to vibration drastically improve product quality and performance, such as reducing road noise in automobiles. Metal adhesives are the go-to bonding solution for applications where products are subjected to weather elements, temperature fluctuations, and vibration and where a lighter-weight bonding mechanism is required.

Industrial Metal Adhesives vs. Fasteners

Metal fasteners include screws and bolts and are typical methods to join temporary joints. Fasteners are also suitable for bonding semi-temporary joints, as in automotive assemblies. Fasteners require holes in the substrates to connect together with the fastener. These holes are susceptible to corrosion over time which may cause the loosening of fasteners and bonding failure.

Metal adhesives are also suitable for semi-temporary joints and are often less expensive and lighter weight than mechanical fasteners. Adhesives help to seal joints to prevent corrosion as opposed to mechanical fasteners, which require holes that are prone to corrosion.

Adhesives distribute the weight better across an entire laminate component, reducing stress throughout the bond for stronger assembly. Adhesives can be formulated to provide the necessary amount of resistance to chemicals or environmental factors for satisfactory performance in service.

When evaluating your metal bonding application, consider all areas where industrial metal adhesives can be used instead of mechanical fasteners. Consulting with an adhesive expert will help you understand your options and the benefits you could experience with adhesives over fasteners.

Custom Industrial Adhesives for Metal Bonding

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been providing high-quality, customizable coatings and industrial adhesives for more than 50 years. Our uniBOND industrial adhesives are available in various formulations to meet specific bonding requirements with custom engineering available. uniBOND provides reliable, long-lasting bonding performance in a variety of applications with formulations including:

    • uniBOND Fiber Composite Adhesives
    • uniBOND L VINYL Adhesive
    • uniBOND Polyethylene and Polypropylene Adhesives
    • uniBOND PVC Adhesive
    • uniBOND Rubber Adhesive
    • uniBOND TPO Adhesive

UNICHEM offers adhesive bonding solutions for these applications and others with custom design and high-performance industrial adhesives.

UNICHEM is an industry-leading custom chemical, coatings, and adhesives manufacturer you can rely on to deliver high quality, reliability, and performance. Our exceptional team of polymer and resin scientists is dedicated to exceptional research and development and product testing to deliver customizable, cost-saving solutions. Contact us to learn more about improving your metal bonding application with high-quality industrial adhesives.