Fastener Coatings with Corrosion Resistance

fastener coatingsSpring is in the air, construction is in full swing across the country and one common element from the coast of California to Chicago to New York is the use of fasteners to combine elements. Fasteners such as nails and staples are essential to provide structural integrity, especially where exceptional corrosion resistance is required. Of course, corrosion resistance is an important consideration for any structure near saltwater, but also for all buildings or homes constructed anywhere.  Areas like the Midwest experience four distinct seasons with snow and freezing temperatures and fasteners need just as much protection to last and protect the structures they’re used in.

Where and how fasteners will be used often dictate the type of coating that makes sense, although regardless of environmental factors everyone from home and building owners to construction crews need fasteners that last.

Why Fastener Coatings Are Critical 

Fasteners combine important structural elements, therefore fasteners that last are critical for many reasons. Fastener coatings ensure that nails and staples have the longest lifespan to protect the metal structure underneath. Harsh environments such as exposure to saltwater or chemicals can drastically shorten the lifespan of fasteners especially if they are not appropriately coated. Rusted or damaged fasteners can be costly to replace and may create extremely dangerous situations. Using the right fastener coating for the job is critical.

Salt spray testing is a method of testing the resistance to corrosion of fastener coatings. The longer that a fastener coating withstands salt spray before oxidizing or rusting, the better the coating.  Fastener coatings are applied after they are manufactured and provide corrosion resistance and rust-proof properties.

Some fastener coatings are designed to decrease friction during installation, some coatings are suitable for high-pressure loads. Other fastener coatings are designed to provide impact resistance as well as resistance to corrosion and protection against abrasion.

Fastener Coatings by UNICHEM Provide Superior Protection 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc. UNICHEM, offers fastener coatings which provide many benefits for nails, staples, and fasteners. UNICHEM offers more than 50 years of experience as a custom chemicals and coatings manufacturer, providing long-lasting, superior coating solutions to a wide range of industries. Our uniTITE fastener coatings provide reliable, high performance with improved drivability and reduced friction, greater anchoring strength, corrosion resistance and more.

uniTITE Fastener Coatings Support Many Applications 

uniTITE fastener coatings by UNICHEM are designed to improve serviceability for tradesmen and provide high-quality, long-lasting functionality for end-users. uniTITE fastener coatings are proven in many applications such as:

  • Automotive
  • Building products
  • Construction
  • Factories
  • Industrial uses
  • Roofing
  • Upholstery

 UNICHEM offers customized fastener coating solutions to meet the unique specifications of your industry and application. UNICHEM is a leading custom chemical and coatings manufacturer recognized for high quality and innovation.

We offer a wide range of quality coatings and adhesive solutions including uniBOND industrial adhesives, often used in place of or in addition to mechanical fasteners for improved assembly and lamination solutions.  uniBOND industrial adhesives are designed to meet the needs of laminating to metal, rubber, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, TPO, and more.

UNICHEM offers in-depth expertise in providing custom coating and adhesive solutions to meet your needs and unique specifications. We combine our deep technical knowledge of resin science and polymer chemistry with vast market experience in a wide range of applications. Contact us to learn how to improve your coating application including superior nail and staple fastener coatings.

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