Antimicrobial Coating Technology Benefits HVAC Equipment

Antimicrobial Coating TechnologyIt is that time of year where everyone’s furnace is going to be running nonstop. Whether you are running your furnace during the winter or air conditioning in the summer, your HVAC system brings comfort all year round. Along with a comfortable air temperature, however, come many unwanted hitchhikers like bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew.

How Antimicrobial Coatings Benefit HVAC Systems 

While your HVAC system may be one of the most practical benefits of modern construction technology, it can also be plagued with many potential problems. An HVAC system is by nature enclosed, dark, and warm, providing a thriving environment for microbes to multiply. Mold and mildew are especially common in air handling units where moisture can accumulate. Mold spores can easily be transmitted through the air along with many other airborne contaminants that can cause illness and foul odor.

Antimicrobial coating technology can provide a solution and greatly benefit production of HVAC systems and ductwork.  Many environments are choosing to incorporate antimicrobial technology to improve indoor air quality in areas such as:

  • Residential homes
  • Commercial properties
    • Schools
    • Day cares
    • Hospitals
    • Long-term care facilities
    • Restaurants
    • Libraries
    • Airports
  • Industrial manufacturing buildings

By preventing the buildup of harmful microbes on the surface, your HVAC ductwork moves cleaner air throughout buildings for improved health and wellness of all occupants.

Antimicrobial coating technology can be included in various industrial coatings at the time of manufacture and is particularly easy to apply with coil coating application processes. HVAC ductwork manufactured with sheet metal coil coating processes provides the perfect application environment to incorporate antimicrobial technology.

UNICHEM Offers Antimicrobial Technology 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, is a leading supplier of industrial adhesives, paints and coatings including advanced technologies such as antimicrobial solutions. UniCLER antimicrobial technology can be incorporated into custom coatings to create a surface that is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. When microbes land on an untreated surface, they tend to increase at a rapid rate contaminating the surface and also causing surface degradation of coatings and paints.

By incorporating antimicrobial technology, you are protecting the environment and your occupants as well as the surface for longer-lasting performance. Microbe buildup can also lead to foul odors, therefore antimicrobial technology in HVAC systems also provides odor control from microbe growth for healthier and cleaner air.

UNICHEM offers more than 50 years of experience in developing custom coatings, paints, and adhesives to meet a wide range of application needs. We offer custom design solutions and in-house simulation testing to ensure quality performance in your application. Contact us with any questions and to speak with an engineer about improving your products such as HVAC systems with antimicrobial technology.