Protective Surface Coating

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  • Flexlain® Polyester Coating Technologies

    The UNICHEM scientific team prides itself in having the ability to maximize performance using this technology, keeping your economics in line while achieving higher levels of the performance you need. If your products have been served well using polyester technology, but you are looking for a better, more consistent, or higher-performing solution, UNICHEM’s Flexlain Technology might be just what you are looking for.

    When performance demands excel, and requirements are more extreme, polyester coatings may not provide adequate long-term performance, which is where other coatings systems may be better suited. If that is the case, we invite you to take a closer look at our other coatings systems throughout our website or, better yet, to see if UNICHEM’s Flexlain Technology is the right solution for you, please contact us.


  • uniGUARD 600 – Solvent Based Strippable Protective Coating

    uniGUARD 600 – solvent based chemistry that provides a cost-effective alternative to temporary laminate films.  Our uniGUARD 600 can be applied on a coil coating line but can also be applied via silk screen or other manual lower volume type applications.

    Unlike conventional laminates, uniGUARD 600 is applied in the same manner as the base coat, allowing higher speed of application, elimination of waste and particulate contamination between the strippable layer and base coat.  With adjustable release strength and offered in a variety of colors, UNICHEM’s uniGUARD 600 gives the control back to the end users, while also saving them money.

  • uniGUARD 902 – Water Based Strippable Protective Coating

    uniGUARD 902 – waterborne uniGUARD 902 technology offers a lower VOC, cost-effective alternative to temporary laminate films.  uniGUARD 902 water based protective coating offers the same advantages as the 600 solvent based chemistry with high-speed application applied in the same manner as the base coat. This helps to reduce waste and prevent contamination between the base coat and strippable layer.