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  • uniBOND TPO Adhesive

    uniBOND TPO Adhesives – uniBOND TPO Adhesives, by UNICHEM is commonly applied by coil coating process and laminates and membranes can be laminated on line to create a bond stronger than the TPO itself. TPO is one of the fastest growing commercial roofing installation products in the market. Whether you need a single or two stage system, UNICHEM’s uniBOND TPO adhesives provide improved strength and durability for PE or PP based TPO materials which can be further customized to meet your needs.

    uniBOND TPO Adhesive was developed for the commercial roofing industry with innovative technology and provides reliable adhesion of single-ply membranes with coil coated metal roofing pucks.

    Available in single stage (uniBond-TPO-100) and two stage (uniBond-TPO-200) curing formulations.