B-Stage Adhesive

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B-staging is a process that utilizes heat or UV light to remove the majority of solvent from an adhesive, thereby allowing a construction to be “staged”. In between adhesive application, assembly and curing, the product can be held for a period of time, without sacrificing performance.

Source: Wikipedia: B-staging

A B-stage adhesive is a single component adhesive system that partially cures during an initial stage, then completely cures at a later time under heat and pressure. High performance adhesives and epoxies can be formulated as B-stage systems which are initially in a partially cured stage. When reheated to an elevated temperature, cross-linking completes and the substrate completely cures.

UNICHEM offers uniBOND industrial adhesive in various formulations for bonding Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Rubber, and TPO, all available with single-stage or two-stage systems.