Industrial coatings manufacturing for the 21st century

The Unichem research and development team utilizes world-class technologies to create exceptional paints and coatings.

Whether it is a large-scale coatings application, or a niche market technology need, you can count on state of the art technology to add value to your product profile. Unichem makes it possible for your marketing group to promote unique features that differentiate your company in a cost effective way.

Unichem Research and Development

Our fully equipped laboratories offer a full array of industrial coatings testing equipment for both short and longer-term performance evaluation.

Sample analysis and pilot lab production capability provides our customers with all levels of sample preparation.

Each facility is dedicated to assuring the highest probability of field application success through technologies that simulate or reproduce the real life conditions that exist in the industry.

All of our testing laboratories fully embrace the methods and practices as adopted by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) that insure uniformity of assessment and test results that are repeatable as well as traceable to national standards.