Quality you can trust, Results you can depend on.

Realizing that each customer and their operations are unique in their own way, Unichem’s dedication to servicing the needs of our customers means:

Conducting thorough audits of application processes to insure we fully understand the nuances of your operations and whats important to you so that we can design our products to fulfill your expectations.

Providing performance criteria consistent with your manufacturing capability.

Working with you to insure you are producing the highest quality product possible.

Unichem Quality Assurance

Our analytical laboratories provide the needed insights and controls to insure that our raw materials are consistent and are of the highest quality. In-process controls also monitor manufacturing operations to assure batch repeatability and production consistency. These labs offer fail mode analysis to pinpoint root cause effects to help identify new opportunities for process or product improvements as well as field support for those customers who request our assistance in monitoring their operation’s output.

Unichem Quality Assurance

Our coatings are subjected to rigorous testing against humidity, ultraviolet radiation, corrosive environments, and/or a variety of combinations required by established performance criteria. Our exposure laboratories are equipped with a full array of long-range testing capabilities that provide industry accepted assessments of a coating’s ability to resist degradation when exposed to these environmental conditions.