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Unichem Container Coatings

Container Coatings, Linings and Paints

The steel shipping container industry provides a high performance packaging solution for thousands of manufacturers. To add versatility, an interior lining is used to provide a chemically resistant barrier, allowing steel drums to transport a wide variety of products from food products to aggressive agricultural chemicals. There are many performance demands on these linings. Not only do they need to provide an effective chemical barrier, they must also be able to stand up to equipment handling and in-transit damage. Compliance with industry and governmental regulations of course is a given. Not all linings are the same, Unichem’s team of scientists continue to innovate technology solutions that insure continued regulatory compliance as well as advancing the performance of our premium RESCO Container lining product lines that are offered in both VOC/HAPS compliant solvent borne and our greener alternative, waterborne formulations that not only provide superior chemical resistance but also a smaller carbon footprint and safer, less flammable alternative to other commercially available technologies. We stand ready to assist you in evaluating your application and performance requirements to provide you with the best solution for your packaging needs.

To compliment our family of interior linings, Unichem is proud to also offer was wide variety of exterior paint technologies. Whether your operations use traditional solventborne alkyds or need ultra low VOC/HAPS formulations for regulatory compliance, you can be assured that your needs will be fulfilled with a solution that is just right for you.

Unichem Automotive Adhesives

Automotive Adhesives

Whether it be for gasketing applications, brake shoes or specialty laminate applications, Unichem’s adhesive technology meets or exceeds automotive specifications and is currently used by multiple tier one suppliers for this demanding industry. Unichem’s automotive adhesives are formulated for high speed and uniform application, performing within a wide window of operation. Our laminate and coil coated applied adhesives deliver on all cylinders by minimizing waste and maximizing manufacturing latitude.

Unichem Automotive Adhesives

Roofing Adhesives

Unichem has developed adhesives for bonding metal roofing plates to form a permanent bond of the metal roofing plate to PVC or TPO roofing membranes. The Roofing Plate Adhesive a two stage adhesive that is initially applied to metal substrates using a continuous coil coating line. The adhesive coated coils are stamped into roofing plates to be used for installing the roofing membrane. The adhesive coated roofing plates are fastened to the roof deck to install the PVC or TPO membranes and later heat welded to the underside of the membrane using an induction welding machine. This forms a permanent, yet hole free, bond to the roofing membrane. Extensive tests confirm superior wind uplift resistance of the Unichem Uni-bond adhesives. By adjusting the setting on the electromagnetic induction heat welder, the roofing plate adhesive can be bonded in less than ten seconds within atmospheric temperature ranges of 0° F to 120°F. The bond strength of the roofing plate adhesive is stronger than the structural integrity of the PVC or TPO membrane.

New membrane roofs are installed quicker and easier, by a single worker, while offering superior wind protection than conventional shingle roof installations. The roofing plate adhesive is specially designed to bond metal to the membrane in seconds. Proven to offer superior bond strength of the metal plate to the roofing membrane, the new roof achieves a wind resistance load of I-90 PSF rating or higher while requiring 30 percent fewer fasteners and plates per square and bonding at lower temperatures than competitive adhesives. This adhesive is also very effective for bonding mounting plates to the membranes.

To learn more about the Roofing Plate Adhesive, please call: 847-931-1700.

Protective Films

Liquid Strippables

Protective films provide needed protection against damage and scratches - preserving the finish of everything from automobiles to appliances, brass fixtures to silver-plated housewares. One of the challenges in this industry is the need to carry a wide array of inventories based upon film widths and adhesive types which can be very costly. Unichem offers a family of liquid strippable coatings that can be coil coated or spray applied in both solvent-borne and waterborne technologies on everything from polyester coatings to fluorocarbon polymer based systems or highly polished metals. Unichem’s liquid strippable technology provides a wide range of adhesion which can be adjusted and controlled to provide just the right level of adhesion for your specific forming and stamping operations. These coatings protect from processing and shipping damage over a wide range of metal surfaces and organic coatings.

Unichem Antimicrobial Coatings

Antimicrobial Coatings

Hospitals and healthcare centers around the world recognize the need to stop the spread of infection for the health of their patients and healthcare providers. Antibacterial soaps and cleaners can only go so far in controlling airborne pathogens. Providing technological solutions has always been a part of Unichem’s mission. Our antimicrobial finishes are used for the inside of HVAC ductwork to eliminate the growth and accumulation of bacteria and other microbes from being transmitted through air exchange, improving the chances that patients can avoid complications and healthcare providers can stay healthy. These coatings are certified as an effective anti-microbial against a wide range of bacteria by independent laboratory.

Unichem Automotive Adhesives

Sealants and Gaskets

Unichem’s technology spans a wide array of gasketing and seam sealing applications. High performance applications include flow in gasketing materials and adhesives for aerosol cans, safety caps and industrial containers. One of the primary industries we serve is the industrial steel shipping container market where cost effective flow in gasket compounds provide value added sealing properties and function to steel pails and fiber drum manufacturers. Our seaming compounds also provide added assurance that the steel package will maintain the needed protection during transportation against leakage and spills, all while meeting or exceeding stringent UN requirements. These compounds provide a wide range of chemical resistance and seal integrity to a manufacturer’s products for just pennies per unit.