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Unichem Stainless Steel Finishes

Stainless Steel Alternatives

Working closely with our customers in a joint effort, Unichem has utilized our highly advanced coatings technology in the development of a high performance industrial finish that, when combined with a proprietary substrate, offers the great look of stainless steel at a fraction of the price. A finish that not only looks great but meets or exceeds the battery of test specifications as established by the appliance industry for kitchen appliance and laundry, yet this new high performance system doesn’t fingerprint and can once again magnetically hold mom’s cherished artwork.

Stainless steel has long been touted as a premium material in the appliance market, but not without its shortcomings. Unichem’s technology, along with their partners have now makes it possible for modern, designer appliances to look new through years of use by resisting grease marks and staining. The Stainless steel look is finally truly trouble free!

Tests Passed
ASTM - B117 Salt Corrosion 750 hours, Detergent Resistance, Stain tests 20+ Household chemicals, Grease Resistance, Water Vapor, and much more

Unichem Dry Erase Coatings

Dry Erase Coatings

The concept of "dry erase" has been around for decades, offering the end user a great alternative to old chalk boards. The industry has had two dry erase products for many years - one using a costly porcelain finish and the other, a laminate film for a more economical approach.

As the popularity of dry erase technology grew, a more cost-effective and efficient manufacturing process was necessary to expand the market. However, as the industry sought to bring a high-yield, low cost solution to the consumer, eraseability and the ability to post-form was not possible with the current technology.

Unichem's Uni-mark coating system was created to strike just the right blend of function and value. This coating has been tested with over a hundred markers from a wide array of manufacturers, even some permanent marker manufacturers! With over 10,000 cycles of eraseability, heat and humidity cycling, and cleanability that exceeds the industry's stringent requirements, Unichem has created a finish that blows away the competition.

Uni-mark provides the dry erase board manufacturers a surface that minimizes ghosting and shadowing, always keeping your white board fresh and ready to use. Even permanent markers clean off with spray cleaners. Offered in standard high gloss and low gloss, projection quality finishes as well as multiple colors, this was the finish of choice to go into a new corporate headquarters of a Fortune 20 high technology company’s world headquarters and is used as a key source for the dry erase finished panels at one of the world’s leading office furniture manufacturers.

Unichem Custom Commercial Coatings

Custom Specialty Coatings

Unichem’s wide selection of decorative finishes delivers the look you want at a price you can afford. Whether you have specific fabrication needs, a high durable finish, or just the right look, Unichem has the products and the technical staff to back it up. Unichem has developed innumerable custom coatings that service a wide array of industries and applications. Our skilled chemists are experts at creating products that singularly fulfill a whole host of needs — like the coating we recently developed for the commercial audio visual media market. Unichem formulated an anti-fogging coating for film canisters that was not only incredibly sleek and attractive, but designed to have the durability to withstand the rigorous forming and countless years of use.